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Turning ads into customers — without magic!

CoMagic is a communicational platform for websites with broad options to analyze website visitors and the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

CoMagic offers all of the following existing channels of communication with site visitors:

  • telephone calls (CoMagic includes hosted PBX solution with a possibility to choose a phone number in different codes);
  • live-chat software;
  • «Sitephone» feature (free call from a website, i.e. a call initiated from the site);
  • lead-generation forms (automated collection of contacts of the website visitors).

As an instrument to increase the efficiency of the website and advertising campaigns, CoMagic allows you to see the overall amount of visitors contacting you through every advertising channel regardless of the communicational tool used by the site visitor. When a phone call, chat or an order is made through the website CoMagic sees all types of contacts and is able to match them with the advertising channels. This means the total value of every advertising channel is clearly visible!

However CoMagic doesn’t just count contacts. Using special algorithms, CoMagic can find and filter specific contacts which do not result in sales.

  • Lost conversions: when your eployees didn’t pick up the phone or respond to questions in the live-chat;
  • Repeated contacts: one target customer applies several times;
  • Inappropriate contact: wrong numbers, etc.

As a result you see the conversion of each advertising channel not only into "contacts" but notably into possible clients!

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